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Fall of Red Dawn

In the summer months of the year 621 a hidden power is brewing to the surface in the Pale Theocracy.

As autumn approaches the harvest nears and the a new era will begin unless a band of past adventurers can come together and keep the monster of bedtime stories at rest.

Previous episodes can be seen here.

Skyler is an athlete at heart.  He plays football, enjoys weight lifting and watching rodoes.  His dad (Rory) introduced him to D&D a few years ago when they started playing with Rory's friend.  Eventually Skyler wants to ride in the rodeo.

Rajah Hearthburn

Rajah is an Ifrit rogue, born into slavery in the elemental plane on fire. 

When Rajah sees innocent people getting hurt he becomes reckless and does everything he can to save them.


Coming from a paladin lineage at least 3 generations, Vantalord hopes to honor his family legacy; especially since his father was a personal bodyguard to a Dwarf king.

Vantalord has great drive and an aspiration to help protect his friends.   His family has taught him a lot, but only in combat will we learn if it is properly applied.

Tom B is really just a child at heart.  Always trying to give someone a laugh, whether it is one of his 14 nieces or nephews or his wife.  The person who convinced him to play D&D (even though it didn't take much) was his friend Rory. 

When it comes to life outside of gaming Tom just said, "I'm a nerd through and through.  It doesn't matter if it is computer repair or programming.  I enjoy tech." Among his hobbies he is also a classical pianist and he enjoys crochetting - but if you ask him the excuse is "it helps him shut off his brain so he can sleep."

Every gentlemen usually enjoys a good round of golf, that is no exception for Rydre - and if golf isn't exciting enough, take this man kayaking.  Like several of the cast of Fall of Red Dawn, Rydre got into D&D because of Rory.  "Rory kept telling me about it at work and eventually we ended up playing in a campaign with other friends."  If he isn't playing D&D, you may find him playing World of Warcraft or Overwatch

The Human Monk, Rihu, is a very unsettled person - his lifestyle is closer to a traveler or vagabond than a monk.  With a lack of stability and family, Rihu basically doesn't have much to hold unto or fight for win the world.

Rihu Rohemian


Jubilee lives to make people smile; her birth in  Cirque Fortuna has taught her that the world is better when it's full of laughs. Her bardic background and performance skills makes her charming,

But don't dull her shine as she has a chaotic attitude and short temper that make her a little force to be reckoned with.

Taylor is a TTRPG performer, DM, professional bodybuilder, and all-around fun-loving nerd. Working in mental health, her love is making sure everyone has a safe place to be themselves and let their freak flag fly. You can usually find her rolling dice, in the gym, or eating all the fun snacks.

Although she is the newest member to The Fall of Red Dawn, Katie has been playing Dungeons and Dragons for over two decades. With a background in the performing arts, she has a penchant for storytelling and a love of all things nerdy - whether it's board games, video games, books, cosplay, movies/TV, theater, or even social media. She can be found streaming and creating content online @sweetktea.


Cricket, a human druid, has recently struck out on her own after spending the early part of her life as a sheep farmer. Although she has endured a life of suffering and hardship, her resilience and companionship with her dog Bear, has helped her persevere.

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