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Oerth has long been a world rife with turmoil wrought by epic forces, and now a plan set in motion eons past culminates with chaos and bloodshed circa CY 623. From the eastern shores of the Solnor ocean, to the fields and forests of the central Flaeness, to the arid wastes left by the Twin Cataclysms, an ancient ritual weaves threads of disparate designs across the land. Malign horrors are confronted in the three distinct “Books” (unique but intertwined campaigns) of Greyhawk Awakening, but the tapestry being woven remains a mystery. Demons and Deities, Avatars and Animus. Heroes, villains, and those which blur such distinctions… this is Greyhawk Awakening.

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As a continual learner, self-growth is important to Rory.  He is an avid reader/listner to books that help with both in fantasy gaming and in his professional development.  This has helped him start his own small business - Foundational Cooking.
When asked how he got into D&D, its simple: "When I moved back to MN in 2016, a highschool friend invited me to play in his campaign.  Since then both my son and I have been playing D&D"

Tyke Rocinante

The half giant known as Tyke Rocinante has been a slave for the vast majority of his life.  This may have been what prompted him to learn the fighting styles of a Gladiator.  The worse part of being a half giant according to Tyke is not being able to enter many establishments, which may be part of why you may see his temper slip out of control.  For sure we do know that when the defenseless are hurt, Tyke's temper will slip out of his control.


Who says Elf's are only logic based?  Lucious says otherwise when he brings the inspiration of the Bard!  Born into a wealthy family with a past filled with all types of monsters, he has set a course to inflict justice.  Like many people of wealth, he struggles to have authentic connections with others.  He can only hope that through his travels of the world of Greyhawk, true friendships occur.

Becca enjoys reading, crocheting, and cooking.  Becca got into D&D thanks to her husband Rory (who plays Anaho and Gimble). "My husband Rory asked me to join in a few of his one shots and I was hooked."  If you want to bring Becca to peace, nature is where it is at for her.  For those that want to know,  Becca doesn't watch tv because "Books are my TV".

Outside of playing D&D, Josh enjoys getting his body moving!  It doesn't matter if it is hiking, biking, or just a good old fashion work out.  When asked how he got into D&D his response is like many players, "I have heard about D&D my whole life but had never gotten truly introduced to it till my senior year of HighSchool where I was in a performance of “She Kills Monsters” a heartfelt and heartbreaking show about Dungeons and Dragons. Honestly that was the best way for me to find more about it because it showed me the heartfelt and healing side of D&D instead of the gaming side of D&D."


The Quarter Giant Druid of Erosion. Taught the ways from the mouths of beasts. Zephytok is a wanderer, often found alone walking in the desert, he helps guide those that are lost back to civilization. He is more of a guide than an adventurer. But do not let his actions cloud your view of him. Zephytok does not like people, he finds they are a pollution that will continue to kill the earth, he doesn’t love the gods as it is by their touch that this land is so barren. He carries the touch of the locusts. What does that mean? Well come watch to find out.


Naida is a half elven Vitasan of Galaana, the lady of waters. As a Vitasan, she is tasked with wandering the sands to bring Galaana’s healing waters to those who are in need. A bit naive to the world, she finds excitement and wonder in each new experience. Accompanying her on her journey is her Vendari Enala, an elven woman who acts as her protector. The two share a close bond forged from a chance encounter a year ago when Naida rescued Enala from the vines of a poison weed plant and healed her resulting injuries. She also has a small sentient stitch vine named Nesta as a companion that assists her in her healing practice. Naida is a gentle soul who strives to find the good in all beings, much to Enala’s chagrin. Her designation as a scion of Galaana places an expectation of greatness upon her that she worries she will never truly fulfill.

Aisslinn - GHA book3.jpg

Aislinn is an all around full time nerd. She has been playing D&D since 2017 when she and her friends started their own campaign on a whim but grew up with a love of fantasy and storytelling. Today, she spends her free time creating cheap and easy terrain for her home table and sharing those techniques with the community. She is the host of the Budget Build Battles webseries on Instagram as well as the DM for RollPlay INC, an actual play D&D podcast.

When asked what John F (Demongund) enjoys doing, you will typically get 1 of 2 answers - a good round of disc golf or to be pointed at the local aquarium.  He got into DND around the age of 10 - 1990ish - when he saw the original binder bound AD&D Monster Manual at a second hand store.  At that moment, he convinced his grandparents to buy it for him.  He has been hooked on playing ever since.  According to his wife, the biggest random fact about Demongund is "He eats raw potatoes"

Kalak Quori Kiyor

The To'ksa Thri-Kreen are an interesting race, but Kalak Quori Kiyor doesn't let that stop him from blending the styles of a fighter and ranger.  This mysterious Thri-Kreen has been roaming the deserts of the "Sea of Dark Sun" seaking out threats to his tribe and the natural world.  His tribe has been known to describe him as inquisitive, fiercely independent, and deeply loyal to his pack.  He will learn though that his fierce independence that causes him to take risks and push boundaries may cause outcomes that are not seen.


Enala left her Clan by choice, becoming a runner for the merchants. She suffered an accident while running by falling into some poisonweed which blinded her in one eye and scarred up her left side. She was saved by Nadia and then pledged to repay her debt by protecting Naida. Enala is someone of few words but quick to defend those she calls friend.

Manda likes to keep things simple.  She is one of the best mini painters on the BlueBox Discord Server, even when asked what she enjoys doing she will respond with "I am an avid painter of small plastic army men as well as other things."  She likes to play video games, board games, read and craft in general. We asked Manda for a fun fact and she said "My husband got me into painting and mins".

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