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Oerth has long been a world rife with turmoil wrought by epic forces, and now a plan set in motion eons past culminates with chaos and bloodshed circa CY 623. From the eastern shores of the Solnor ocean, to the fields and forests of the central Flaeness, to the arid wastes left by the Twin Cataclysms, an ancient ritual weaves threads of disparate designs across the land. Malign horrors are confronted in the three distinct “Books” (unique but intertwined campaigns) of Greyhawk Awakening, but the tapestry being woven remains a mystery. Demons and Deities, Avatars and Animus. Heroes, villains, and those which blur such distinctions… this is Greyhawk Awakening.

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As a continual learner, self-growth is important to Rory.  He is an avid reader/listner to books that help with both in fantasy gaming and in his professional development.  This has helped him start his own small business - Foundational Cooking.
When asked how he got into D&D, its simple: "When I moved back to MN in 2016, a highschool friend invited me to play in his campaign.  Since then both my son and I have been playing D&D"

Anaho the Halfing Slayer has been a slave to the drow his entire life.  One year ago he was sent to the surface to capture a run away drow named Baetana.  If he fails to do so, like with any task the drow demand, they will find him.


Being a slave, he has never understood what a family was until recent events.  Now he has to make some hard choices

Anaho O'lil

Gimble's mother, Zindira, taught him to see the character of a person rather than their appearance.  This was never more true then when she sheltered a drow runaway named Baetana.  It could be said though because of his ability to see a person's character, Gimble is a pacifist to a fault.  Through this he desires to find alternative ways to defuse situations.  Sadly, he has been forced into moments when a choice had to be made and unforgetable lessons were learned.

Gimble Roondar

Vivi enjoys hosting and cooking for family and friends - all different types of foods.  Her current muse is playing Minecraft.
We asked Vivi how she got into D&D and this is what she said, "When I lived at my townhouse, my neighbors a few doors down extended an olive branch and taught me how to play DND; I have been playing ever since. I have heard about it but never knew anyone who actually played it until then."
One fun fact about Vivi is - she enjoys eating all foods, except oatmeals.  She will eat literally anything except for oatmeal.  When asked why she responded, "It is my enemy".

Rhizia is a Half Orc Barbarian from the north - where the barbarians call the land Rhizia.  That’s where she got her name. Rhizia comes from a large family. She is one of 6 children. Her Orc father Atramir and human mother Magnolia.  Rhizia is a sucker for some good melons and can be swayed with the right amount of cash



Outside of playing D&D, Josh enjoys getting his body moving!  It doesn't matter if it is hiking, biking, or just a good old fashion work out.  When asked how he got into D&D his response is like many players, "I have heard about D&D my whole life but had never gotten truly introduced to it till my senior year of HighSchool where I was in a performance of “She Kills Monsters” a heartfelt and heartbreaking show about Dungeons and Dragons. Honestly that was the best way for me to find more about it because it showed me the heartfelt and healing side of D&D instead of the gaming side of D&D."


Rasmus is a "human" inquisitor.

Rasputin, the entity that resides within Rasmus has been with Rasmus since he was a child, it is still unsure on whether he was there upon conception. But Rasmus has referred to Rasputin as his guardian. The one that’s been with him the longest.

Those around him may say that his tenacity would be a major downfall.  He will follow something through to his death.  Like a feral beast he has blinders on and sees nothing but the end objective, and he will do anything to complete it.

Brimstone Haite

Brim is a half-orge fighter that was found in cages by his adoptive father, Father Aaron.  He was held by the city guard, and used as a tool to clear the sewers for the guards.  All throughout this he was treated like trash.  Abused both mentally and physically, he was treated as an animal.  This was until Father Aaron found him and took him from fire and flames - thus naming him "Brimstone".

Despite his past, Brim is a gentle giant.  He cares too much for those around him; especially those under his care.

Becca enjoys reading, crocheting, and cooking.  Becca got into D&D thanks to her husband Rory (who plays Anaho and Gimble). "My husband Rory asked me to join in a few of his one shots and I was hooked."  If you want to bring Becca to peace, nature is where it is at for her.

Valfino is a Half Elf rogue who has survived solely on his charm and hsi swift hands for the last 10 years.  Like most men of charm, he is easily distracted by a pretty face and is very sentimental usually in the most unfortunate of times.


Hob is an artist and musician, that also can sing.  When asked how she got into D&D "I got into D&D in 2019 from an old friend, and I've been playing ever since."

It is worth noting Hob is also one of our great sponsors.

Rowan "Jibbus" Greycastle is 725 years old and has an interesting background as a Human/Lycanthrope trained as a Fighter/Barbarian.  If you can't find her on the battle field, look in the local tavern where she is probably drinking.  One thing to be said about Rowan is she is overly passionate.  If she is not careful she may accidentally allow her emotions to run her.

Rowan Greycastle

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