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The Understreet Rats, urchins struggling in the low quarter of Altimira, find themselves jostled by forces beyond their reckoning.  The world of Aihrde is troubled; something sinister shifts deep in the bowels of this land, and the 'Rats are flotsam upon the surface.  Click, Mila, Dhalia, and Duke must find direction, deliverance, and destiny amidst chaotic remnants whispered in the thoughts of the All Father....

Previous streams can be seen here.



Clicker (aka Click) was born to full elf parents and was abandoned at the doorstep of the Bo Bet.  He has been passed around by many members of the Guild of Gentle Supplication (GOGS) and considers everyone in Altimira to be his family.

While he considers everyone his family, he is overconfident and his hubris will ultimately be his downfall in any situation.  He believes he can do anything he sets his mind to and anything he doesn't as well.

Thomas R. enjoys brewing his own mead and playing board games or video games with his friends and family.  He got into D&D by watching some online shows like Aquisitions Inc. at PAX, The Adventure Zone, and Critical Role.  It wasn't until highschool that he started playing when he asked some freinds if they wanted to play. "I DM'd our first few games in a homebrew dungeon that tested each stat in a contest to earn the treasure of an ancient dead wizard."

What people may not know about Thomas is he saw the longest total solar eclipse for this century while he was on a cruise ship.  "It lasted 6.75 mins in totality and was over the South China Sea, we saw it on a cruise ship that was dedicated to the eclipse when I was 10."

Everyone knows music just sounds crisper on vinyl records; that is probably one of the reasons Cameron collects them.  If vinyl isn't nostalgic enough for you, she also enjoys rollerskating.  A little fun fact about Cameron is she lived in China for two and a half years.

When asked how she got into D&D, Cameron says "Podcasts were what got me hooked. The adventure zone, critical role, dimension 20. All of these and more got me hooked on the idea of playing, but I had no one to play with! During 2020, I was invited into an online game by a couple of friends who had a ton of D&D experience. It was an incredible first game and I felt so welcomed into the hobby."



Dhalia is a racial mutt, we know for sure she is Half-Elf but we don't know what else.  Only time will tell.
Raised on the fringes of the Twilight wood by her strange and curious “mother”, Dhalia is a strange and inquisitive girl. She knows little of her past except that the woman she lives with now has been her guardian for as long as she can remember; and when Dhalia asks of her parents, the story always seems to change. But that’s just fine with her! She is happy with the life she's got! 
Dhalia's mother demanded she leave home for a whole moon cycle while she worked on something important. With only her backpack, a small pouch of silver, and wares to sell Dhalia has been trying to simply make it through as she waits to return to her home. 
A moment that plays back in Dhalia’s mind often is a day when she came back to her home, tears heavy in her eyes after taking a tumble and scraping herself up badly. Her Mother at first greeted her with cold apathy, but then a flash gleamed in her eye as she spoke, “Dearie those tears are of no use here. Keep them. Save them for a day where they’ll help you. They won’t help you today.”
Ever since then Dhalia has kept a collection of feelings ready at hand when they best fit the situation. When a guard is upset, pull out those tears. When a bully is being cruel, pull out that anger. She often has a hard time being fully herself with people. But maybe with this new group of friends she’ll have a chance to really be her authentic self.


Mila and Finley

After being chased into the Twilight Woods by a group of unsavory fellows, Mila miraculously made it to Altimira in one piece. Her past, though unknown, is littered with unfortunate and terrible situations she has managed to get through - perhaps with the help of a magical being. Joining the Understreet Rats, Mila made her first friends, including Finnley, and is determined to keep them out of harm's way. 
Though Mila understands that the world can be cruel, she sees the good in everyone and some people think she can be too trusting at times.


When asked what Rachel's hobbies are outside of D&D, Rachel responded "Playing video games and getting through college is how I use my time most days."
Rachel got into D&D because her brother played.  The more he talked about the game, the more intrigued she became.  She watched many streamed games, learned the rules, and eventually joined a game through Roll20 that she has been a part of since about early 2019! Rachel told use that this game and her brother introduced her to Thomas, who has shown her the wonders of BlueBox.

Jennifer is the fitness teach of BlueBox - the classes she instructs include group fitness and an awesome cycle class called HYPEcycle.  She is also a pianist.

Jennifer got into D&D through her husband John - who played the game with their kids while she was reluctant.  "I didn't like doing voices so I wasn't a lot of fun playing, but when John started BlueBox and turned on the cameras, I embraced a persona.  Maybe I was born for the camera"

As a die-hard Steelers fan, she once chased down wide receiver Santonia Holmes for an autograph.  He said he didn't want to sign autographs, but she convinced him to.

Daisy Belle.png

Daisy "Duke" Bell

Duke was found wandering Altimira's lower quarters covered in soot after her family was killed in a fire when political enemies burned down their house.   Her mannerisms were quite apparently different than those raised in the slums, almost like an aristocratic demeanor that was out of place as the silver cup she keeps beneath her robes to scoop a cup o' brown outside the Bo Bet Common House.  The last living family of the Beaurgard family, Duke is in a world of trouble .... even more then she knows.

Always hungery and overly impulsive; how will this impact the adventures to come?

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